ROAST 2015 - CP Leaflet Poster for Roast

Providence Roasts at Clyde Park

Clyde Park are proud to play a part in the The Roast Collection (1-30 June). The Roast Collection is a statewide celebration of the humble roast and Victoria’s bountiful fresh winter produce, organised by the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

Showcasing the magnificent Moorabool Valley, enjoy the best of the best from Clyde Park Black Faced Suffolk Lamb, Sage Beef, Western Plains Pork and Victorian Chicken. Of course, all will be matched with five star wines from Clyde Park.

A four week journey showcasing outstanding regional produce, with weekly changes displaying different cooking techniques from slow long roasts to wood fired meats. These will be available on our Weekend Bistro menu.

Weekend One: Bannockburn Chicken Weekend Two: Western Plains Pork Weekend Three: Bannockburn Sage Beef Weekend Four: Clyde Park Black Face Suffolk Lamb

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